Trouble finding an attorney to take your case?

Need a Lawyer?

We accept liens and appreciate referrals. We also understand that at the end of the case, we will have to adjust the lien because of the change in the insurance industry.
1. We are happy to work with YOUR attorney on a lien basis.

2. We can find an attorney for almost any case and will be happy to give you numbers to reach them.

3. Have you called 3 or 4 lawyers and none will take your case? We can find you a pre-screened lawyer who will help you resolve the issues you have. We even have a law firm that prefers "Slip and Fall" cases, so don't give up. We will help you find an attorney even if it seems that no one you tried wants your case. We have lawyers for every situation.
One simple call to us and we will help you through the process of finding the right lawyer to help you.

Lawyers with a referral

We understand the high cost of generating and handing these cases and respect that. We are happy to have you fax us sign up/induction documents and have the patient sign them and fax them back to you. Rather than spending money for an investigator to drive to some remote location, and even take and forward pictures of the property damage and or physical damage/bruising of your clients/patients to you to save start up revenue.