We can help you find chiropractors and lawyers who accept liens! Do you have an injury from an accident and need care, but you have not received payment for your injuries yet? We can help you with auto accidents, personal injury and other situations where you need chiropractic care and physical therapy on lien. We can refer you to a lawyer and get you help in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Los Angeles and Bay Area.

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Dr. Jon D. Franks

After seeing a need for chiropractic help after accidents, Dr. Franks also saw a need for people trying to find help while waiting for insurance payments or judgments. The idea of finding a chiropactor on lien made sense and Lifeforce Chiropractic was started.

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What Others Say

Dr. Franks is the toughest trainer I know. I'm guaranteed to be in shape for a record breaking season.

- Eric Dickerson, Los Angeles Rams - NFL single-season rushing record holder

Since I've been working out with Dr. Franks, I've increased my strength by about 110%...I am slimmer, quicker and much stronger.

- Ken Norton, former heavyweight champ - actor and businessman

Jon is one of the best trainers and therapists in the world.

- Rachel Mclish, First Miss Olympia.